Sign-up for the European Cycling Challenge 2017

We are supporting the European Cycle Challenge (ECC) and need all Man Met Cyclists to get on the leader boards during May.

eu cycle

The European Cycling Challenge (ECC) is an ‘urban cycling’ competition taking place between 1 May and 31 May 2017. It started in Bologna, Italy, with around 70 people, but is now one of the biggest European cycling events.  In 2016, 52 cities from 17 countries joined the challenge, and 46,000 people cycled 4,000,000km during the event. The city that ‘cycles the longest total distance’ wins.

This year Greater Manchester is taking part for the first time, and the entry will be led and promoted by Transport for Greater Manchester.

Anyone can join in, it’s easy to take part and you don’t have to be a cycling enthusiast. Any cycling you do counts towards the challenge, only competitive sporting events and static bike miles aren’t included.

 How to join in

– Download Naviki in the app store on your smartphone (follow these instructions to participate without a smartphone).

– Register and Sign in.

– Go to ‘Settings’ on the home page.

– Go to ‘Contests’ and then ‘ECC2017’.

– Select ‘Greater Manchester’ as your team.

– Select ‘Manchester Metropolitan University’ as your sub team.


There will be spot prizes to be won throughout the challenge direct from the ECC, including shopping vouchers of £150, £75 and £50 every week. To qualify for the weekly raffle you just have to have registered and logged a minimum of 10km to be entered.

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