Don’t feed exploitation exhibition

An exhibition exploring the impact of modern slavery and exploitation in the supply chain.

The university’s Fairtrade Steering Group have organised an exhibition around the themes of modern slavery and exploitation in the supply chain to demonstrate the university’s commitment to Fairtrade. Students here at Manchester Metropolitan have created work around this theme which will be displayed in the Link Gallery (Grosvenor – Chatham Bridge) between 2nd – 5th May.

There will be a small event to mark the opening of the exhibition on Tuesday 2nd from 4.30 – 5.30pm. In the spirit of fair trade, there will be Fairtrade refreshment available include Wine. All are welcome, please feel free to share with colleagues and students.


‘Luxury Goods Don’t Come Cheap’ – Antony Cross MA Illustration

Fairtrade Steering Group includes University and Union staff including academics, environment and catering and representatives from the student body. The group develops and oversees the implementation of an action plan to maintain Fairtrade accreditation at the University and The Union.


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