Fairtrade Art Show: Your Art Needed

As part of Fairtrade Fortnight, we want to see your artistic reactions to the uncomfortable reality that so much of what we consume is a product of Modern Slavery and Exploitation.

From the production of our clothes to our coffee in the morning, so many of the products we rely on have been touched by exploitation and modern slavery. We want to know if this invokes a reaction from you, if it does then we are asking you to create a piece of art expressing this for our art show to be displayed 2nd – 5th May in the Link Gallery to raise awareness. Please share any existing work or create a new piece that relates to the theme.

Why get involved?

  • Have your work displayed on campus in a university show
  • £50 in art supply vouchers to be awarded
  • Attend the launch party, the chance to network and enjoy Fairtrade wine and refreshments
  • Make people aware that modern slavery and exploitation are unseen parts of their lives
  • Raise awareness for Fairtrade Fortnight

If you’d like to be involved let us know by 13th March

Email: environment@mmu.ac.ukj000310_headline_assests6

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