Power down for Christmas

Whoever you are, you can take steps to save energy this Christmas!

Last Christmas break, between 24 Dec – 3 Jan, while many of us were at home relaxing and full of Christmas cheer, the university consumed 533,561 kWh… enough energy to cook 66,700 roast dinners!

turn off

However, 30% of this could have been saved.

With your help we think we can reduce this, saving energy and money.


Here are some useful tips:

  • Unplug all non-essential electrical appliances e.g. TV, microwave
  • Close all the windows
  • Turn heating off completely
  • Make sure all the taps are turned off
  • Clean out the fridge/freezer and check nothing is left in it
  • Turn off the lights when you leave
  • Dispose of all recycling and rubbish


You may want to pull together a Christmas shutdown procedure for your office or department – agreeing who will be responsible for doing these things before you all leave.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from all in the Environment Team!


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