At Manchester Metropolitan University we are committed to reducing our negative impact on the environment which includes emissions and discharges such as Carbon. Our commitment is outlined in our Environmental Sustainability Strategy through targets such as 50% less carbon by 2020.

Over the past few months the Estates department have completed the roll out of over 1700 LED light fittings across Sandra Burslem and Geoffrey Manton. The project which was funded through a Salix/HEFCE Revolving Green Fund, will help the University meet its energy and carbon targets by saving 292 tonnes of Carbon per year (The equivalent of Platt Lane’s annual carbon emissions).

The new LED lights are 60% more efficient that the replaced fittings, whilst providing a greater quality of light output. The project also included the installation of an intelligent lighting control system which allows each light fitting to be individually controlled, helping to further reduce wastage.

The Environment Team manages a revolving Salix Energy fund with an annual budget of approximately £150k. This helps to fund energy efficiency improvements across the campus, such as; insulation, lighting upgrades, heating controls and energy efficient IT equipment. Over the past 8 years the University has delivered 92 Salix projects which amounts to annual carbon savings of 1,800 tonnes CO2e.

In order to access the fund, each project needs to demonstrate a return on investment in 5 years based on the estimated energy savings. If you would like to suggest an energy saving project for your building/office, please feel free to contact the Energy and Environment Officer,, 0161 247 4605.


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