Recycle Right to win cinema tickets & £300!

Recycling in your accommodation at Manchester Met couldn’t be easier!


You are responsible for removing the rubbish in your halls correctly, and by putting rubbish in the right recycling bins you are helping to prevent waste and live more sustainably. And… if you recycle right, you could win cinema tickets or £300!

If pugs can do it, so can you!

pugs recycle recycling recyclingso

In your kitchens, you should have:

  • A yellow recycling information poster
  • A blue paper and card bin
  • A green can and plastic bottle bin
  • A brown food waste bin
  • A purple glass recycling bag
  • A black general waste bin

If you don’t have any of the above, or anything is missing or broken, please contact your accommodation’s reception.

What goes where?

We know that recycling is different wherever you go, but here’s how we do it at Manchester Met: 

  • Paper and card go in the blue bin
  • Cans & plastic bottles go in the green bin
  • Glass jars and bottles go in the purple bag
  • All food waste should be placed in the brown food bin
  • Anything that can’t be recycled goes into your black general waste bin

game mrw point recycling

Bin liners

From September 2016, plastic bin liners can no longer go in the big recycling outside bins (the plastic liners contaminate the recycling) so please empty your recycling into the correct bin and put your bin liners in the general waste bin.

However, the small liners for your food waste bins can be recycled alongside your food (the liners are separated in the recycling centre).

You can get plastic bin bags free of charge from your halls reception- so there’s no excuse!!

Tidy flat = happy housemates

Just make sure you work together with your flat and take it in turns to take your bins –this helps keep your flat tidy and this avoids arguments.
friends matthew perry happy dance chandler victory dance

Recycling checks – win prizes!

If you live in Booth, Birley or All Saints Student Living, the Environment team will visit your kitchens each term to score your recycling bins and leave you feedback. If you are recycling right, we enter you into a prize draw to win cinema tickets. The best flat each term will also win £300! So, just remember to recycle right!

If you haven’t yet signed up to our monthly sustainable news you can do so here.

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