November Recycling Checks in Student Living

What are recycling checks?

Recycling checks happen once a term in MMU owned Student Accommodation. The Environment Team will come into your kitchens, score your bins and leave you a feedback card (and sweets if you’ve done well!) The team will also be checking if you have the correct bins, so that you can recycle properly.


How do we score your bins?

Your bins are scored by using six criteria (see picture below), so make sure that your recycling is correctly sorted. If you have any missing bins, speak to someone at your Student Living reception.



When are they taking place?

The recycling checks will take place on the following dates between 3-7.30pm.

21 November – All Saints Student Living

23 November – Booth Student Living

24 November – Birley Student Living


How can I win prizes?

The flats that score over 20 points (out of 30) will be left sweets. Flats with the highest score will be entered into a prize draw to win cinema tickets or a top prize of £300.


Good luck and see you all soon!

November Recycling Checks in Student Living

Save a pumpkin!

Around Halloween,  approximately 15 million pumpkins are carved by UK households and not eaten – enough to make a bowl of pumpkin soup for everyone in the country. Surprised?

Out of 2,000 people surveyed, over half said they didn’t think of a Halloween pumpkin as food and one in three mistakenly thought that a carving pumpkin could not be eaten.

So if you are carving a pumpkin this year, make sure you save the seeds & flesh to make some delicious meals and snacks.

You can check out some recipe ideas here (number 13 = wow!)


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Save a pumpkin!

Apple harvesting success at Cheshire Orchard

On Friday 21st October, we held an apple-harvesting event at the Manchester Met Cheshire Millennium Orchard (behind Laurence Building) to coincide with National Apple Day.

Over the course of the sunny day, over 50 university staff and students lent a helping hand to harvest apples using the traditional method of shaking the trees and catching apples in tarpaulins. Attendees were able to take apples home and several boxes were donated to a local charity – The Wishing Well Project.

The helpful volunteers were rewarded for their efforts with delicious soup and apple scones and cakes, made by the Cheshire Catering Team.

Staff and students were able to taste the various apple varieties, which were identified by Hulme Community Garden Centre on the day.

Thank you to everyone for all their hard work and for making the day a brilliant success.

Please remember that apples in the Cheshire Orchard are free for anyone to harvest and enjoy – so help yourselves!

The orchard, consisting of 14 apple varieties local to Cheshire, was planted to mark the Millennium in April 1999. You can read more about the Orchard and the Inaugural Ceremony here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Apple harvesting success at Cheshire Orchard

Cheshire Millennium Orchard Harvesting Day

Did you know Cheshire Campus has a well-established orchard? (Behind Laurence Building, next to the car park.) Join the Environment Team at the Cheshire Millennium Orchard on National Apple Day for a networking event with a difference.

We will be on site harvesting the British heritage apple varieties, which were planted as part of a Millennium celebration in 2000 and with the help of tree experts; we will be ensuring the health of the trees.

Our Harvesting Day will include:

  • Harvesting the bountiful apple crop using the traditional method of shaking and catching the apples.
  • Learning about tree maintenance and help to maintain the health of our trees under the guidance of Hulme Community Garden Centre.
  • A chance to enjoy the orchard and network with other staff and students.
  • Information about the Environment Team’s biodiversity projects and opportunities happening in Cheshire.
  • Delicious free soup and hot drinks, as well as apple scones.


You are welcome to take home apples that are harvested from the orchard. Surplus apples will be donated to Wishing Well a local healthy living project aiming to improve the health and well-being of the community.

Join us at any time between 11am – 3pm at the orchard. Please register to ensure you get some delicious food via our events page here

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Cheshire Millennium Orchard Harvesting Day

Travel Competition Winners


Hello and welcome to all students, both new and returning.

It was great meeting you all at the welcome events this September and October- hopefully you’ve settled into university life and are using your reusable bags, bamboo toothbrushes and water bottles!

The Environment Team’s monthly newsletter will tell you about events and opportunities at Manchester Met and in Manchester, as well as give you tips and advice about sustainability. Thanks for signing up and we hope you see you in the near future.

welcome stall


As part of our welcome events, we ran a travel competition where students could sign up to our monthly newsletter and be entered into a competition to win 1 of 4 prizes.

Four winners have been chosen at random – congratulations to you all!

Bicycle – Nikita Star

Railcard – Maggie Hung

Buss Pass – Meghan Dyer

Trainers – Arina Azwa

If you are a winner, an email will be sent to you this week with all the details that you need.  We hope you enjoy your prizes!

Student Travel information

If you need any information about traveling to Uni or around Manchester and Crewe, please visit our student travel website.

cycle tickets walking trains

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Travel Competition Winners

Recycle Right to win cinema tickets & £300!

Recycling in your accommodation at Manchester Met couldn’t be easier!


You are responsible for removing the rubbish in your halls correctly, and by putting rubbish in the right recycling bins you are helping to prevent waste and live more sustainably. And… if you recycle right, you could win cinema tickets or £300!

If pugs can do it, so can you!

pugs recycle recycling recyclingso

In your kitchens, you should have:

  • A yellow recycling information poster
  • A blue paper and card bin
  • A green can and plastic bottle bin
  • A brown food waste bin
  • A purple glass recycling bag
  • A black general waste bin

If you don’t have any of the above, or anything is missing or broken, please contact your accommodation’s reception.

What goes where?

We know that recycling is different wherever you go, but here’s how we do it at Manchester Met: 

  • Paper and card go in the blue bin
  • Cans & plastic bottles go in the green bin
  • Glass jars and bottles go in the purple bag
  • All food waste should be placed in the brown food bin
  • Anything that can’t be recycled goes into your black general waste bin

game mrw point recycling

Bin liners

From September 2016, plastic bin liners can no longer go in the big recycling outside bins (the plastic liners contaminate the recycling) so please empty your recycling into the correct bin and put your bin liners in the general waste bin.

However, the small liners for your food waste bins can be recycled alongside your food (the liners are separated in the recycling centre).

You can get plastic bin bags free of charge from your halls reception- so there’s no excuse!!

Tidy flat = happy housemates

Just make sure you work together with your flat and take it in turns to take your bins –this helps keep your flat tidy and this avoids arguments.
friends matthew perry happy dance chandler victory dance

Recycling checks – win prizes!

If you live in Booth, Birley or All Saints Student Living, the Environment team will visit your kitchens each term to score your recycling bins and leave you feedback. If you are recycling right, we enter you into a prize draw to win cinema tickets. The best flat each term will also win £300! So, just remember to recycle right!

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Recycle Right to win cinema tickets & £300!

Free Carbon Literacy Training for Students

Do you want to give your CV a boost, learn valuable, transferable skills and meet some new students from across the university?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you should sign up for free Carbon Literacy Training!

L-R: Phil Corbel, Helen Casey, Jane Mork, Lauren Wood, Ned Gatenby, Emma Richards, Dave Coleman.

What is Carbon Literacy?

The Carbon Literacy (CL) project is a large-scale, climate change, education initiative that aims to provide everyone that lives, works and studies in Manchester with access to one days’ worth of Carbon Literacy training. At Manchester Met, the training is delivered in 2 parts: e-learning and a face-to-face session.

What do I need to do?


This interactive online course will provide you with a good understanding of climate change and the science behind it. The course takes approximately 3 hours to complete. You do not need to complete the course in one go, but can stop and start at points convenient to you.

Face-to-face session

In this fun and engaging session, you will learn about what you can do to act on climate change, how you can persuade others to do the same, as well as participating in activities to increase your confidence and communication skills.

Why should I do Carbon Literacy?

You will receive an official Carbon Literacy Certificate once you have completed both parts of the course, which looks great on your CV. You will also learn valuable, transferable skills that can be applied to future jobs, as well as your university degree.

Sign me up!

Click here to sign up to one of our sessions.

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Free Carbon Literacy Training for Students