NUS Dissertations for Good launches at Manchester Met

Recently, Manchester Met are proud to have become a partner organisation of the NUS Dissertations for Good scheme.

The scheme aims to partner students with organisations to collaborate on dissertations into economic, social and environmental sustainability, providing an opportunity for students to be involved in real world research as well as satisfying the demands of organisations who could realise benefits from small-scale research projects.

As the NUS puts it, “dissertations are often the most robust pieces of work students put together during their time in education, breaking fresh ground and providing valuable new insights.”

The NUS are using this work as a force for good, and have developed a Dissertation for Good web platform- where organisations and students can register to become part of the scheme. Organisations can advertise their projects to students across the UK, and similarly, students can search projects depending on their research interests.

Whether you are a Manchester Met staff member (academic and professional services) or a student, you can register to create your own profile on the website- ultimately to start “connecting students with organisations to complete research projects” (NUS) for good.

A dissertation for good is described by the NUS as any piece of student work that contributes in a tangible way, by producing a report that is useful for their partnered organisation.

If you are a member of staff or a student at Manchester Met, and are interested in finding out more or getting involved in the scheme, contact Valeria Vargas, Education for Sustainable Development Co-ordinator


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