Electric Cargo Bikes available to staff


At the recent Annual Cycle Event the Triangulum project launched the Electric Cargo Bike hire scheme. As an active partner, Manchester Met employees have access to the Electric Cargo Bikes for business use via the Travel Team. The Electric Cargo bikes are a core component of the mobility package of the Triangulum project and are being introduced to reduce the reliance on light goods being transported by combustion engines on often very short journeys… Well now there is an alternative!

This is a great opportunity to consider a more sustainable way of transporting items in and around the Manchester campus. The electrical assist makes journeys much quicker and a wide range of goods can be transported with minimal effort and greater flexibility.

Manchester Bike Hire are the operators of the hire scheme and Manchester Met currently have two bikes available on site. These can be viewed over at the Old Student Union. There is a formal booking process for use of the bikes and you will need to contact stafftravel@mmu.ac.uk with requests. The bike comes compete with locks, lights and helmet.

Cargo bikes look different to an ordinary bicycle, but in a short while, you will find they handle in a very similar way. Nevertheless, in order for you to have a safe experience of riding an Electric Cargo Bike, it is a requirement that all users attend an Induction and Familiarisation Session. Following an Induction session you will be able to make a booking for ad-hoc use or for an extended period of time to assist with regular journey patterns.

Each rider needs to be physically fit and competent to ride a bicycle on the road. In the Rider Declaration, you will be asked to confirm this and that you are in good health and your eyesight is up to the standard required for a road driving test. The implementation of the Oxford Road Bus Priority works will also provide enhanced cycling infrastructure making movements by two wheels ever easier.

Electric Cargo Bikes

If you are interested or want to know more, get in touch with the Travel Team, 0161 247 2989, stafftravel@mmu.ac.uk.



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