Cheshire Campus in Bloom

Hanging baskets full of begonia seedlings have appeared around the campus. Although they are rather small at the moment, the begonias are expected to grow fast and should flower soon, making the Cheshire campus more colourful.

The idea came from Frazer Wylie, Building Services Manager and has the support of Provost, Janet Haddock-Fraser. Cheshire’s Sustainability & Growth Society (SGS) planted the baskets.  The SGS and the MMU Cheshire gardeners will jointly care for the baskets once they are in place.

The SGS have been quite busy since the launch of the society in January: planting in the greenhouse, organising cooking workshops for students using fresh produce (including that from the greenhouse) and learning to care for the Cheshire orchard, among other things. When asked to pick out and plant flowers that would prettify the campus, the students were more than happy to collaborate on the project. Begonias are not the only flowers the Society have planted around the campus: close to campus reception, there are four big pots full of petunias and geraniums. During the summer, all visitors to Cheshire campus will be able to enjoy the purple, pink, red and white of their flowers.

For further information about the ‘Hanging Baskets Project’ and other projects, which we are involved with, please see SGS Facebook page or email our Chairwoman:

The Society are also part of a joint project working with passionate staff to renovate and make use of one of the Greenhouses on campus. Part of the Environment Team’s Ideas into Action they aim to restore the Greenhouse to its former glory and for it to be used as a tool for education and engagement. Find out more about the project here.

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