From vinyl banners to bags

Vinyl banners are a great way to promote an event or share a message and are commonly used at MMU. Unfortunately, once they are no longer needed they cannot be easily recycled.

An idea was submitted as part of our Ideas into Action programme to upcycle waste vinyl into practical products, which fits with our commitment to reduce and reuse up to 85% of our waste by 2020. Since then we have been working with colleagues to bring this idea to life, including colleagues in Apparel who have designed and produced a number of prototypes for us.

Since then our friends Stitched Up a local sustainable fashion collective have agreed to make a number of these products for us including bags and wallets all from our waste vinyl to demonstrate what is possible. They did something similar for local cooperative Unicorn Grocery where they produced bags upcycled from a building wrap used for recent renovations, see it here.

We are aiming to supply Stitched Up with as much waste vinyl banners as we can find, so if you have any you no longer use and would like to donate to this project please get in touch at


Did you know? Most companies will take back pop-up vinyl banners and replace the vinyl inside making use again of the casing. This can save you money and waste.

Find out more about the ideas we have been developing as part of the programme including interactive bins, bat boxes and greenhouses here.

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