Top Recyclers!

From the 8-16th February, recycling checks were carried out in MMU Student Living – in Birley, Cambridge, Cavendish and Booth.

320 kitchens were checked, with the help of Student Sustainability Ambassadors and Residential Advisors. Residents were left feedback cards so they could see how they were doing, as well as little incentives for top recyclers.

In total, 7 of the top scoring flats were winners of a large prize. Balloons were left in the winning flats, explaining how the winners could collect their cinema tickets. The winners are as follows:

Birley: Warde 8 & Vine 20

Cambridge: D-3-2 & G-G-3

Cavendish: 548

Booth: B5 & F1

balloon cambridge

Thank you and well done to everyone involved! If you want more information about what can be recycled in your accommodation or on campus, visit

If you have any feedback about the recycling checks, or the recycling facilities in your accommodation, please email

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