Greater Manchester Walking Festival 2016

The inaugural Greater Manchester Walking festival took place in May 2015 with its main aim to promote the fantastic walking groups and organisations who lead walks in Greater Manchester.

Over 130 free led walks took place throughout the four week programme attracting over 1290 participants and we would like to say thank you to everyone who helped to organise the events, promote the festival and take part in the walks.

The festival is set to return for a 2nd year in 2016 with the plan to expand and provide an even more varied programme of walks and events.

The Greater Manchester walking festival 2016 kicks off on Sunday 1st May to Tuesday 31st May 2016. Our wish is to showcase and publicise all the great walking opportunities and groups, there are in Greater Manchester, but also to broaden people’s knowledge of the benefits of walking whether they be health, environmental or financial.  The main aim being to encourage more people to walk!

Getting involved

Drawing upon the expertise of the many walking groups in Greater Manchester, TfGM are inviting organisations and providers of walks to submit details of any led walks which are open to the public and taking place in the Greater Manchester area.

They are also inviting organisations to take part, whether that is by hosting or facilitating a talk, presentation or lecture which relates to the field of walking with an educational, research, health or cultural focus.  Anything that can be attended by the public and could help boost the profile of walking in the region.


If you have any ideas for Manchester Met’s contribution to the festival please contact Andrew Taylor (Travel Plan Manager)


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